Why Do I Need Continuing Education?

The Georgia State Licensing Board requires all Residential Basic and Residential Light Commercial contractors to obtain Continuing Education hours to maintain their licenses on a biennial basis. (GENERAL contractors do not need any.)

Georgia Continuing Education hours may be fulfilled through both self-guided Online Content and Live Classroom seminars. A minimum of 50% of the required hours MUST come from Live Classroom Continuing Education seminars.

Georgia State Licensing Board has reviewed and accepted our Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals'

LIVE WEBINARS as LIVE CLASSROOM HOURS! This means you can do ALL your hours via LIVE WEBINARS - No need to drive to a classroom - ACICP's Online Live Class webinars consist of live instructor-led webinars provided over the internet in a virtual classroom.

The ACICP has partnered with the Contractors Institute's CI Online program to provide expert Professional training from Certified Construction Industry instructors. Together, the ACICP and Contractors Institute bring the content to you in the comfort of your home or office through your computer and internet connection!

Did you know Georgia requires Contractors to have Continuing Education on a yearly basis?

CI Online Live Class Webinars allow you to complete all your continuing education hours in convenient 3 hour sessions. Sessions are available now. Course topics vary year to year.


The state of Georgia requires 3 hours of Continuing Education for Georgia-Licensed Residential Basic Contractors for EACH YEAR (total of 6 - 3 hours for each year in the renewal cycle), with the annual deadline  of June 30th.


The State of Georgia requires 6 hours of Continuing Education for Georgia-Licensed Residential Light Commercial Contractors EACH YEAR (6 hours each year for two-year renewal cycle for a total of 12), with a June 30th deadline.


The state of Georgia does not require Continuing Education for Georgia-Licensed General Contractors at this time.

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Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals

CI-Certified Training Programs

Take your CE courses and get certified at the same time! Our CI-Certified training programs offer advanced certificates of competency to qualified construction industry professionals.

Contractors Institute is the official training provider of the Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals (ACICP). Upon course completion CI-Certified professionals receive an automatic membership into ACICP and authorization to display the ACICP badge as a mark of professional excellency.